What Is DwellWell

Travelers Expect Quality

DwellWell provides inspections designed specifically for online rental platforms. We give guests peace of mind and an elite experience by physically inspecting online rentals for everything from Amenities to Safety.

Travelers want the safety and security of a hotel, with the ameities and freedom of a short-term rental. DwellWell delivers.

It took a week or more for each of the four of us to recover from the toxic mold; our local doctor still had some lasting effects three weeks later. Our relocation hotel and medical out-of-pocket costs resulting from the unsafe Airbnb premises were $19,000+. The cost to our health and family well-being was hard to put a number on.

The Dark Side of Airbnb, Frank Farwell, Retired INC. 500 entrepreneur

Why Verify

Increased Revenue
Want guests that care about quality? A guest that knows a property has been verified is willing to spend more than an un-verified property.

Increased Guest Satisfaction
Guests that know exactly what they're getting means they don't have any reason to be dissapointed upon arrival because that key amenity is missing.

Limit Scam Potential
Even the smartest and saaviest travellers have been suckered into paying thousands for non-existent rentals. We verify the online rental actually exists. A simple set of eyeballs can do wonders!

Ensures Honesty
That “rustic” beach cottage could really be a mildewy shack with deceiving pictures. We make sure the listing description isn’t an exercise in fiction writing.

Promotes Safety
Online listings are supposed to have smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, but how do you know if they are properly placed and serviced according to state codes? Hotels are held accountable for these safety measures, so why should online rentals be any different?

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DwellWell Amenities, Safety & Accuracy Verification

DwellWell Verified Shield

Does the listing match the rental? We verify everything from the number of rooms to the condition of the rooms and furniture. Guarantee guests the place they book is the place they're getting.

Wifi? Hair Dryer? Breakfast? Parking? Coffee maker? There's a hundred different amenities hosts can offer. We verify what's available and what's not.

Just because they have a washer and dryer doesn't mean they work. We test the functionality of everything from coffee makers to doors and windows to ovens.

Safety First
DwellWell is the premier Short-Term Rental Safety company, so naturally, we check that smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms not only exist, but function at the time of inspection.

Elite Rentals
There's hundreds of online booking platforms. In-person verification is the greatest way to set yourself apart and earn more per rental.

Elite Travelers
Want the best of the best? The business traveler who prefers loyalty to a platform knowing they always deliver? DwellWell Verification is the premier short-term rental inspection company.

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What Is DwellWell

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